Friday, March 18, 2011

Washington can learn from Kansas

Kansas Senate endorses budget close to Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan

— A Kansas Senate committee endorsed a proposed state budget on Thursday that is similar to a spending plan outlined by Gov. Sam Brownback but that calls for a slightly less severe reduction in base aid to the state’s public schools. The committee’s endorsement of the budget sends the measure to the Senate, and its leaders hope to have a debate on it next week. The House Appropriations Committee is drafting its own proposed budget. It’s an ugly budget,” said Sen. Jean Schodorf, a Wichita Republican who serves on the budget committee but is also chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee. “We had to make tough choices.” But the Senate budget committee, like Brownback, is planning to cover the increasing costs associated with social services, particularly Medicaid, which pays for health services for the poor and needy.

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