Thursday, January 5, 2012


Just when I thought that I heard it all, some nut job comes along and says something stupid. The Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, proclaims to the world that Kansas City has the worst schools in the entire nation. Not great public relations for the city and a region as a whole. I wonder if the fine folks at the convention and tourist commission or folks that work hard every day to bring people and business to Kansas City, Missouri, jaws all dropped in disbelief and disgust. The mayor just made their jobs harder. So much for trying to keep businesses in Kansas City from leaving for Kansas.
I wonder why a mayor of a city would even have a meeting with a high ranking official at the United States Education Department? Wouldn't that be something that the acting superintendent would do or even the school board? Shouldn't the performance of the school district be between the school district and the Dept. of Ed? All very good questions I think that need to be asked.
It would seem that we have a well intentioned Mayor who is sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong. Mayor Sly was elected to deal with the problems and issues with the city. Take crime of example. The number of homicides in Kansas City was the highest it has been in years. What does the well intentioned Mayor do? Has a few smoke and mirror news conferences and meetings to address the issues only minutes later ducking from shots fired on the Country Club Plaza and rioting teenagers.
Maybe the mayor should focus on things a little closer to home. The mayors son has seemed to be getting himself in trouble. When law enforcement show up to arrest little James, he warns them that he will have their badges because he is the mayors son.
So, Sly, you have bitten off more then you can chew. I would venture to guess that your chances of re-election have just dropped.