Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lame ass excuses from NBC!


It is obvious that NBC intentionally left out the phrase “under God, indivisible” from the Pledge. Their apology was so lame. Not only did they do it once, but twice! Ironically the U.S. Open was played in our nation’s capital at the Congressional Country Club. Go figure!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Salute to the Cleverlys

I Gotta Feelin' (Black-Eyed Peas)
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it)
I Kissed A Girl
Viva Viagra!
Walk Like An Egyptian

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Am I Meant to Be?

Note: I took this little test to answer the question: Who Am I Meant to Be? This is what it revealed.

You are an artist:
You came out of the womb with a paintbrush in your hand. Or maybe it was a flute or a castanet or a fountain pen to go with your poet's imagination. The point is, you're an original, and you know it. Even if you don't have a singular gift, you're drawn to the arts—anything creative, for that matter—and you have a unique way of looking at the world. Your need for depth and authenticity in relationships can lead to both great joy and profound sorrow, depending on whether others reciprocate. You don't care so much about adapting to group or societal expectations; your independence and sharp intuition propel you on your own path.

What to watch out for: When fear of conformity overrides your creativity, you can assume the role of "outsider" or "orphan" and end up feeling alienated. You may even go so far as refusing to vote or pay taxes. This lone-wolf stance might be a defense against feeling vulnerable. Try to be aware that blaming others for your banishment, or pushing away those who want to get close, only makes things worse. Also, dramatizing your emotions can interfere with your creativity.

Looking ahead: As long as you genuinely express yourself, you feel like the person you were meant to be. How you do it is irrelevant. A chef or architect can be as much of an artist as a painter or sculptor. Many advertising and public relations executives are also highly imaginative. Beyond work, there are opportunities everywhere you look to coax out your inner artist: Design your own jewelry line, create an innovative blog, dream up a comic strip. Relationships are another avenue for self-expression.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Movie - A Summer Place

I just saw the movie A Summer Place with Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee. It's the age old story of boy meets girl and girl gets knocked up. A self-made businessman rekindles a romance with a former flame while their two teenage children begin a romance of their own with drastic consequences for both couples. Happens all the time! Thanks TCM!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some music videos i like!

Ricky Martin - The Best Thing About Me is You
La Roux - Bulletproof

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Today I don't feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up my phone so leave a message at the tone. 'Cause to to day I swear I'm not doing anything. - Bruno Mars

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

To cut for congress!

Republican congressman Aaron Schock poses for Men's Health magazine
They want to cut cut cut! They want to argue over raising the debt sealing. They want to get rid of federal employees. They want to reign in spending. They want to make Obama a 1 term president. However I wish that I could go to the gym for $20 a month and enjoy a pool, sauna, weights, etc like members of the US Congress do. They won't share how much that it costs us, the tax payers. I loose more and more respect for our elected leaders every day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Clara Luper Civil Rights Activist and Educator Passes

(CNN) -- Oklahoma civil rights activist and educator Clara Luper -- was best known for organizing a 1958 sit-in at a segregated Katz Drug Store in downtown Oklahoma City -- died Wednesday night at her home in Oklahoma City. She was 88. Luper, who was celebrated as a pioneer of civil rights in Oklahoma, organzied a protest that lasted several days and ultimately resulted in the integration of 38 Katz Drug Stores in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa.

Woman claims her firing violates disabilities act

A Eudora, Kansas woman is suing the city of Overland Park, Kansas contending the Police Department improperly fired her because of bipolar disorder. Kimberly Ashley’s lawsuit, filed this month in federal court, alleges the city violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. Overland Park, Kansas contends she was dismissed in December 2009 because police thought the disorder kept her from performing essential job functions. Read more about here!

Olathe is cutting of their nose in spite their face!

Unemployment is high. The number of people loosing their homes has increased beyond imagination. The number of homeless has increased. The need for basic needs such as food and utilities have more then doubled. So, let's build a $22.5 Million dollar community center and raise water, sewer and solid waste bills for everyone in Olathe to pay for it. That is what the City of Olathe wants to do! Idiots.

14 year old sets her dog on fire!

Jackson County, MO juvenile authorities have charged a 14-year-old girl with animal abuse for allegedly setting her family’s dog on fire. See the KCTV5 story here: KCTV 5 News
 Let's set her on fire and see how she likes it, the little bitch!

A dip in the pool on a hot summer day!

I used to live here and this is not the first shooting at this complex! It happened 2 other times while I was there! Roeland Park police have released the name of a teenager who was killed Sunday at the Boulevard Apartments. The teenager was fatally shot near the apartment complex’s pool shortly before 7 p.m. in the 4800 block of Skyline Drive, police said. A witness followed two suspects from the scene and told police where they were. Officers arrested those men near Chouteau Trafficway and Gardner Avenue in Kansas City. No charges have been announced yet in Cotom’s slaying.

Kansas casino employees investigated

Out in Dodge City, the Wild Wild West is still pretty wild! Casino employees investigated for illegal off site poker games!
Kansas casino employees investigated - KansasCity.com

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where have you been all my life?

Maude Findlay
I have found Maude! Yes, and then there's Maude. Time Warner Cable Antenna TV Cable Channel 970 shows reruns of the is awesome show. I laugh my ass off! Where I have been, up a tree??

He is such a weiner!

I have a policy initiative for you Mr. Weiner! Honesty is the best policy!
I really don't care what you do on the internet, facebook, twitter, myspace, in a bar or in your bedroom but don't LIE about it when you get caught.