Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walter Cronkite - Sunday Hero

Walter Cronkite was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri, November 4, 1916, and was the son of Helen Lena and Dr. Walter Leland Cronkite, a dentist. Walter Cronkite was best known as anchor of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite and his key phrase and the end of each newscast, "And that's the way it is" for Sunday, March 27, 2011. He is often referred to as the most trusted man in America. 

Cronkite is remembered also for giving the nation the breaking news that that President Kennedy had died and showed a little emotion on national television after saying it and then regaining his composure to move to on report and help the nation mourn for a dead president. History has also remembered him for his covering of the Vietnam War and the possibility of changing the mind of the U.S. Government to get out. Other things that are considered outstanding in broadcast history was his reporting of World War II, the Nuremberg Trials, the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Republicans and the Watergate scandal that embarrassed a nation, the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the American Space Program.

He is one of my heroes because he gave me the sense that it was important to know what was going on in the nation and the world and that what happened in the world would affect me in one way or another. Positive or negative. My interest in what goes on in the political world can also be attributed to him because of his way that he explained how the process worked or maybe doesn't work. I wonder what he would say about what is going on now with our country and the political crisis we have now. I also want to note that because of him, I have always been interested in the news, journalism and broadcasting. That is why I majored in it, for a while at least in college. On a lighter note, I also enjoyed saying his last name when I was just a child. It rolled off my tongue.

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