Friday, March 11, 2011

Overpaid Federal Employees a huge lie!

Private sector employees actually earn on average 24 %  more than federal employees performing comparable jobs, according to objective salary surveys by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These surveys are used by the Federal Salary Council to calculate the gap between federal and private sector pay. Yet some newspapers and conservative think tanks have falsely asserted that federal employees earn far more than private sector workers by manufacturing and distorting other data that never should be used to compare federal and non-federal salaries. The two-year pay freeze is a political stunt! In spite of the misinformation campaign and the pay freeze members of our Government should rely upon the facts and evidence regarding federal pay. And the facts are that even prior to the freeze, federal wages and salaries were lower than the wages and salaries in the private sector and state and local government, when compared on a job-by-job basis both nationally and regionally.

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