Friday, April 15, 2011

Politicians are like snakes in the grass!

I am so tired of politics! I never thought that I would say that in a million years but the truth is that I am. What is happening to this country that I love? The fighting that goes on in Washington is out of control! Almost makes me not want to vote ever again!
In the one corner we have republicans and in the other corner we have democrats. Let’s get ready to rumble! (Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding) The crowd goes wild! The lights are dimmed and the bell rings. Salivating on the sidelines in the tea partiers! The tea partiers or tea baggers are like a bunch of rabbet animals foaming at the mouth that can’t wait to destroy this country. The tea baggers are snapping at the heels of the republicans like a rabies infested dogs.
The same old bible verses are said. “Sustainable fiscal path” and “For too long Washington has not been honest with the American people about the dangerous and unsustainable spending our country is on”  or “Thus budget contains real, fact-based solutions to our looming fiscal crisis” also “living within our means” etc.
Each side claims that we need a clean break from the politics of the past. Let me see, the politics of the past…8 years of Republican President George Bush and his policies? No thanks! Let us not forget that he approved of the first economic recovery payments and the bail out of Wall Street.
“We need to use commonsense, American principles to preserve the American dream for future generations.” Oh common what? Sense? Really now? Hmmm I don’t know if any of them would know commonsense if it hit them in the face. The American dream? What is the American dream again? I also hate the use of the phrase “for future generations” all the time. Here is a news flash, the future generations, generations and on have heard that line before. It’s like a bad pick up line in a bar.
“Come up with results that matter in families’ daily lives.”  They are so out of touch with Americans and family’s daily lives it is ridiculous! Americans are worried about jobs, putting food on the table and health care. The politicians in Washington don’t know what that is like to have to worry about a job and where their next meal is coming from. How the mortgage is going to get paid or how are old Mom and Dad going to make it on Social Security and what little savings they got left.
The only thing that I have heard a politician say that I have to agree with is that we didn’t get into this mess overnight and we won’t get out it overnight. So what do we do? Cut spending and cut taxes. Ok sounds good in theory but how are we going to pay for those things that are important like an extra air traffic controller on the night shift? Oh sorry, budget cuts!

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