Monday, April 4, 2011

1% of my earnings go to KCMO, a city that I don't live in.

I can't vote tomorrow. I do vote when I get the chance to vote. The outcome of this vote in KCMO affects me as well as lots of other people who can't vote. Yes, I am talking about the earnings tax. 1% of my earnings go to Kansas City, MO, because I work there. I don't live there. I call it taxation without representation! So, VOTE NO tomorrow on the earnings tax.


  1. You could get a job someplace else. If you feel so strongly about it, you should immediately quit and find something in Kansas or one of the Missouri suburbs. It's not like the earnings tax was some big scam you got rooked into. It's been around since the 60s. I'm not thrilled about paying Kansas sales taxes, but I realize that when I take my business across state lines that will happen.

  2. Thats what Kansas City needs... more brain drain. Before you know it, there'll be no business in KCMO besides Church's Chicken.

    AKCB, the difference is that when you buy something you pay sales tax only ONCE, wherever you buy. Non KCMO residents are paying twice. First on their income and THEN sales tax.

    KCMO Sales tax is also very high. But consider this... the cost of city government in KCMO is higher than most places, because they have money to burn. KIll the eTax, and prices should come down in KCMO...because workers won't have to pay the earnings tax. thats a full one percent. Way more than, say the cost of your own trash service.

    KCMO's gotten FAT by overtaxing, and taxing people who only work there. They literally get ya coming and going.

    VOTE NO. Save money for everyone. If ya don't, then we know the tea party won't even be around come 2012. Ya either like big government, or ya don't!