Friday, April 15, 2011

KCM Tipster breaks the reall story on fire in Mission!

From KMBC 9 News: MISSION, Kan. -- Mission police said officers had to come provide backup for firefighters responding to a business fire early Sunday.
The fire broke out outside inside an office at 5401 W. 58th Terr. just before 1 a.m. A police officer responding to a burglary call put the fire out with a fire extinguisher and then called firefighters to inspect the scene. When firefighters arrived, they said a man who was hiding in a closet came out of the building and started to attack one of them. Police later identified the man as Catalino Garcia.
Police came to provide support to the firefighters. They said they believe Garcia was the same person who set the fire.
Garcia was facing burglary, assault and arson charges. Police said they're not sure what may have motivated the incident. They said he has no connection with the business that was the target of the fire.

From a great KCM tipster! The firefighters beat the guy that was hiding in the closet pretty bad after he hit just one firefighter with a broom stick. The guy was bruised up pretty bad. Inappropriate behavior from the firefighters. A cover up from the police and the firefighters? The authorities also left out the fact the guy was also drunk as a skunk! The guy was released on a $1000 bond.

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