Sunday, December 11, 2011

R.I.P Beau Kitty, I will always love you!

The loss of Beau has been so very hard. The pain that I feel I can't describe. One minute I am fine and all of a sudden I start to think about Beau and I break down again into the ugly cry. One minute I feel that I can go on and live then next minute I feel that I can't. I have quilt. I have remorse. Part of me feels that I did the right thing but the other part feels like a bad owner. I wonder if he knew how much I loved him. I hope that it gets better. I have on picture of him in a frame and it's not his best. My printer has been locked up in storage for over a year and a half so the ink is dry. I would like to get some other pictures of him. I want to get this done soon.

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